Expansive Effects With MNDALA 2.4.0

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Hello, fellow music enthusiasts! Ximena Delat from MNTRA here. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of MNDALA 2 and selections from its expansive new arsenal of effects.

We design each effect within MNDALA 2 to have both immediacy and deep creative potential, inspired by the workflows of some of our favorite guitar pedals and eurorack modules. For this reason, we chose to limit each of our effects to 3 animated controls, and two buttons, so that you can get right to the point of creating.

main fx engine 2

Each effect (when used in the Global FX section) has the possibility to map the X, Y, and Z axes to any of  its parameters, and you can also modulate them using AniMod (see our recent blog post about AniMod!) to give expressivity and natural motion to everything that you do. This integrates the effects into the living, breathing organism that is MNDALA 2, allowing you to ‘perform’ them simultaneously to your musical expression.

Let’s kick things off by shining a spotlight on some of the fresh arrivals!

These effects promise to elevate your sound design game to new heights. So, without further ado, let’s explore some of our favorite new additions:

effects MNDALA

First up, we have Scatter Delay, a filtered feedback delay network with a twist. Its scatter control allows you to offset the delay lines, creating a mesmerizing and hazy atmospheric tail. For those daring sound adventurers, try modulating the scatter parameter with AniMod for pseudo-granular effects.

01 Scatter Delay

Take your sound into the cosmos with the massive ambient reverb of Solar Verb. With separate low and mid frequency reverb times, blendable distortion, and random pitch fluctuation, it’s a journey through the stars.

11. Solar Verb

Emulate the vintage vibe of a cassette dictation machine with the Dictaphone effect. Tweak non-linear tape saturation, Retro coloration to have a low pass filter effect, Random volume drops that affect the continuity of the sound for more realism and the change in stereo azimuth that affects the width of the sound.

12 Dictaphone

Inspired by the classic 1176 Peak Limiter, the FET Compressor offers quick attack and release times with various ratio settings. Whether you’re looking for compression or limiting, it’s a dynamic range powerhouse.

13 FET Compressor

For those looking to add grit to their sound, Cubic Distortion steps in. With optional bandpass filtering, this effect can take your sound from mild breakup to total obliteration, offering endless possibilities for sonic experimentation.

14 Cubic Distortion

Enter the lush world of The Jungle, a grain-slicing effect with a plethora of controls. From tempo-syncable time adjustments to grain size, probability to control the repetition of sound grains, and optional “Diffuse” effects, this effect allows you to transform your audio into a mesmerizing jungle of sound.

08 The Jungle

Looking to add a touch of sci-fi randomness to your sound? The Random Ring Modulator steps in with its modulated ring modulation capabilities and additional auto-panning. It’s the perfect ingredient for introducing controlled chaos to your sonic landscapes.

07 Random Ring Modulation

If you’re seeking warm, resonant tones, the Cave Resonator is here to satisfy your sonic cravings. This impulse response-based resonator adds a unique physical resonance to your source sounds, enriching them with depth and character.

09 Cave Resonator

Our Pitch Shifter  offers a massive 8-octave range, making it a powerful tool for radical sound transformations. With controls for window time and fading, you have full control over pitch manipulation, going from experimental glitch to smooth repitching.

06. Pitch Filter

Inspired by classic ambient hardware processors, Glass Verb is a lush algorithmic reverb model with a twist. It features a pitch shifter in the feedback loop, enabling you to create ethereal tails that range from subtle climbs to dramatic descents.

10. Glass Verb

Get ready to explore lo-fi, dirty digital effects with Downsampler. Featuring selectable lowpass and highpass filtering, it’s perfect for achieving that gritty, retro sound.

15 Downsampler

If you’re in the mood for some lo-fi distortion and mono crunch, Megaphone delivers in spades. This emulation of a distorted amplified bullhorn injects character and attitude into your audio.

16 Megaphone

Simplicity meets functionality with Gate, a straightforward audio gate that mutes signals below the threshold. Its adjustable envelope control gives you precision over when and how your sound is cut off..

18 Gate

Create an immersive stereo experience with the Haas Effect. By delaying one side of the stereo field, you can increase the perceived stereo width, enhancing the spatial depth of your audio.

19 Hass

Dive into the world of dynamics control with the Optical Compressors. Whether you need mono or wideband stereo compression, these effects provide the means to shape your sound with with slower attack and release times for a more integrated dynamic control.

20 Optical Compressor

Mid/Side Decoder, Detuner, Encoder, and Widener:

The Mid/Side processing family in MNDALA 2.3.0 offers a suite of tools for manipulating your stereo signal. These effects enable you to fine-tune the balance between the mid and side channels, allowing for intricate stereo adjustments.

21 Mid Side

We have Simple Gain and Stereo Width, two utility effects that empower you to control your audio’s gain and stereo image width with ease.

22 Simple Gain Stereo Width

In the world of MNDALA, creativity knows no bounds. These effects are your ticket to crafting soundscapes that are uniquely yours.

Keep experimenting and pushing the boundaries of your musical artistry, we’d love to hear how you’re using these Colours in your productions!

See you soon in our next blog post.

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