Inside Tenebrae-LE

30+ Presets
21 Presets crafted by SNAKES OF RUSSIA
11 Instrument Sound Sources
Up to 13 Round Robins


Exhumed synthetic textures from SNAKES OF RUSSIA (Light Edition)

Tenebrae-LE is the free version of the full artist-instrument, Tenebrae.

LA-based artist Joseph Holiday creates apocalyptic electronic visions (affectionately described as ‘Death Beats’) under the moniker SNAKES OF RUSSIA. His singular sound weaves together textured modular synth patches with gritty drum samples, all slammed through destructive chains of unobtanium outboard and tape to create a unique world of darkness. 

In Tenebrae-LE, the light edition of our first Artist Series instrument, Tenebrae. SNAKES OF RUSSIA opens a window to his personal Pandora’s Box, offering you a taste of the deep collection that has been curated from his distinctive sonic palette. We conceptualised Tenebrae, as an exhumed creature, buried for over a century and now resurfaced – bringing the dark dust from the depths of the earth. Transmuted through analog processing and tape; modular and analog synths, obscure bowed instruments and gritty percussion come together to bring the darkness in Tenebrae.


Proprietary Engine

VST/AU Plugin included. No additional software required.

3-Axis Universal Controls

Simply map your favourite controller once for all plugin instances.

Intuitive Performance GUI

Custom animation driven performance interface & mouse hover interactions.

Industry Leading Audio Quality

Up to 384khz/32-bit extended ultrasonic range sample sources

Tenebrae-LE | FREE Instrument Walkthrough with SNAKES OF RUSSIA
Tenebrae-LE | FREE Instrument Walkthrough with SNAKES OF RUSSIA
Prepare for the arrival of an immensely dark and potent force⚡️🐍💀. Stay tuned!⚡️
Prepare for the arrival of an immensely dark and potent force⚡️🐍💀. Stay tuned!⚡️

Listen to Tenebrae-LE

The Story of Tenebrae-LE

Tenebrae-LE was designed as a free introductory exploration into some of the sounds offered in the full Tenebrae. The collection of 11 sound sources was handpicked by SNAKES OF RUSSIA to be a diverse and useful palette for your creations with the included 21 presets also designed by the artist.

Enveloped in the essence of deep sonic exploration, this window into our collaboration with LA-based artist Joseph Holiday, alias SNAKES OF RUSSIA, delves into his dark, apocalyptic sound. In these texturally rich playable soundscapes, complex modular synth patches, heavy analog subs, and gritty drum samples converge, all intricately processed through chains of unobtanium outboard and tape, unleashing a unique world of dirt and darkness.

This free version of the inaugural entry into our Artist Series is a chasm into the depths of SNAKES OF RUSSIA’s distinctive sonic palette. Together we imagined Tenebrae not just as an instrument; but as an exhumed creature, buried for over a century and now resurfaced, bringing the dark mystery of the depths of the earth. Analog outboard processing and gritty tape infuse instant textural vibe into modular and analog synths, screeching bowed instruments, and noisy percussion, bringing forth the unique sonic darkness encapsulated within Tenebrae.

With creative processing being an essential part of the SNAKES OF RUSSIA sound, we also worked with Joseph to create two exclusive effect processors modeling his signature signal chains: BESTIAE (destructive Filters, Drive, and Compression in either parallel or series), and DIRTY BUCKETS (a series of gritty Bucket Brigade Delay based reverbs), allowing you to shape the sound dynamically in real time. Within this free version, the effects are available in the included presets but can not be added to new user presets. Full access to these exclusive effects is enabled in the full version of Tenebrae.

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What's Inside?



Synth lead with tape saturation and a slow attack.



Detuned vintage monosynth played through cabinets, captured through room mics.


Detuned synth bass shorts through cabinets.



Slow, filtered drone with tons of bucket brigade delay.


A few layers of bowed instruments through granular processing.


Polysynth with granular processing through hardware compression and a generous amount of tape saturation.


Filtered, saturated bowed texture.



Melodic FM percussion hit. Great for pulses.



A custom-built mini Waterphone, bowed with moving water inside and re-processed by Snakes Of Russia. These samples are SSM enabled and ultrasonically recorded for extended pitch range playability.


Low – Rows and Slit

Various foley, FM synthesis, modular synthesis, and granular bits all processed to tape and back.

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Animistic Performance Interface

Control a deep network of parameters with 3 real-time rendered animations

Technical Specifications


→ Recorded at 24-bit, up to 96 kHz


→ VST3 / AU plugin for Windows & Mac OS (10.14+) including full M1 Chip support
→ No fuss copy protection, simply install and the instrument is uniquely encrypted to be used within your system
→ Seamless downloads, updates, and installation within MNDALA 2 with a registered Mntra account

File Size

→ 11 sound sources
→ 3.5 GB installed, 7 GB recommended for setup

System Requirements

→ Minimum 8GB of RAM and an i5 or better CPU required
→ Supported by all 64-bit VST3/AU compatible DAW’s*

* Mixcraft 9 Pro is not supported

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