Galactron's animated interface

Inside Galactron

133 Presets
40 Instrument Sample Maps
5 Custom Designed Effects


Cosmic Digital Dust

Galactron is a deep dive into the early explorations of digital synthesis. Travel through crystalline 12-bit FM synthesis, gritty Phase Distortion synthesis, and lush digitally controlled analog straight from the 80s. With the help of our powerful sound sculpting engine, MNDALA 2, the sounds of these synthesizers that we have known and loved for a long time, have been expanded into a new kaleidoscopic creation, colourful and daring to be different.


Proprietary Engine

VST/AU Plugin included. No additional software required.

3-Axis Universal Controls

Simply map your favourite controller once for all plugin instances.

Intuitive Performance GUI

Custom animation driven performance interface & mouse hover interactions.

Industry Leading Audio Quality

384khz/32-bit extended ultrasonic range sample sources

Galactron's animated interface



Galactron: Cosmic Digital Dust | Teaser Trailer
Galactron: Cosmic Digital Dust | Teaser Trailer

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The Story of Galactron

Galactron is an assembly of electronic sounds that reminisce on neo-psychedelic aesthetics, inspired by the explosion of FM synthesis, daring stereo movement, gigantic reverbs and ambience pads. Through our sampling engine, MNDALA 2, the sounds of the synthesizers that we have used and loved for a long time, have grown to become a new kaleidoscopic creation, always colourful and always different.

Galactron complements our ever-growing collection of instruments with a retro-modern approach to keys, pads and otherworldly atmospheres. Sampling our collection of 80s digital (or digitally controlled) synthesizers, these already characterful sounds are brought to the next level within MNDALA 2’s deep sound shaping network of effects and modulation. Through our 3-axes (XYZ) global controls, these sounds come to life in a way that was unthinkable before, morphing and breathing as you play them.

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What's Inside?


  • E-Piano
    Cheesy 80s FM piano.
  • Crystal Pluck
    Lofi crystalline marimba-like pluck.
  • String Thing
    Bright harpsichord-like long pluck.
  • Scorched Keys
    Buzzy FM string-like keys.
  • Dusty Bells
    Lofi metallic tines with an age of wear.
  • Marimbaphonic
    Synthetic wooden mallet sound with lofi aliasing
  • Membrane
    Synthetic membrane with clicky transient.
  • Bellish
    Noisey FM bell.
  • Dreamer Keys
    Noisy retro analog keys.
  • Reverser
    Sliding bass into brassy keys.
  • Analog Harpsichord
    Synthetic hammered string.


  • Jetson Bass
    Thick phase-distorted bass. Play high or low.
  • Swoop Bass
    Squelchy acid bass with sub octave tail.
  • Submarine
    Deep bass with 80s vibes.
  • Short Sub
    Short mellow sub bass.
  • Burnt Bass
    Thick dirty bass.


  • Brass Pluck
    Short brassy pluck with noisy decay
  • Bright Stab
    Sharp brassy stab.


  • Laser
    Piercing FM lead.
  • Astro Lead
    Bright buzzy lead.


  • Mothership Organ
    A brassy pad with soft octave harmonics. 
  • Digi Pad
    Soft pad with digital artefacts.
  • Brass Pad
    Brassy FM pad.
  • Reedy
    Woodwind-like synth with evolving timbre.
  • Neon
    Bright nostalgic pad.
  • Air
    Floating buzzy pad with lots of motion.
  • Hollow
    Phasey harmonic pad with lots of treble bite to cut through a mix.
  • Unstable Organ
    Warbly home organ.
  • Angelo
    Lofi mellow midrange pad.
  • Atomic
    Massive chorused pad.
  • Voyager
    Warm pad with a percussive transient.
  • E.T. Flute
    Soft and pure flute sound with a touch of digital degradation.
  • Starlost
    Warm VHS pad.
  • Flanged
    Buzzy pad with flanging.
  • Lush Pad
    Big lush analog pad.
  • Rover
    Bright analog pad with swell.
  • Pulsar
    Bright pulsing analog pad.
  • Mellow Pad
    Low-key warm analog pad.
  • Sonar
    High pulsing tone with subharmonics.
  • Plucked Pad
    Analog pluck into a soft pad.

Animistic Performance Interface

Control a deep network of parameters with 3 real-time rendered animations

Technical Specifications


→ Recorded at 24-bit 48kHz ultrasonic resolution


→ VST3 / AU plugin for Windows & Mac OS (10.11+) including full M1 Chip support
→ No fuss copy protection, simply install and the instrument is uniquely encrypted to be used within your system
→ Seamless downloads, updates, and installation within MNDALA 2 with a registered Mntra account

File Size

→ 40 sample maps
→ 7 GB installed, 13 GB recommended for setup

System Requirements

→ Minimum 8GB of RAM and an i5 or better CPU required
→ Supported by all 64-bit VST3/AU compatible DAW’s*

*Mixcraft 9 not supported

* Mixcraft 9 Pro is not supported

First time user of Mntra Instruments?

Make sure to download our free MNDALA 2 Engine VST3/AU plugin.

Simply install once and you will be able to run all of our instruments.

Our approach to creating revolutionary instruments

Continuous play and the pushing of creative boundaries are foundational to our instrument creation process. Rather than trying to recreate true-to-life instruments, we choose to experiment and go off the beaten track, in search of a new kind of virtual instrument.

Inspired by the natural world and ancient knowledge from around the world, we embrace expressive (im)perfections. Performing and recording instruments using experimental methods to create sounds like you’ve never heard before.

From our bespoke extreme-quality recording method using ultrasonics, to our constant experimentation with unique workflows and sound sources, each Instrument we release is a playable manifestation of our exploratory journey.

During our sampling process, the subtleties and imperfections of live human performance are embraced and encouraged. Depending on the final intent, we will creatively post-process as little or as much as needed (sometimes beyond recognition), always making sure that the soul and character of the performance is intact once it’s been implemented as one of our expressive playable instruments.

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