By downloading and installing our instruments you agree to the following:

That You are in the capacity to enter and perform the obligations listed under this Agreement. 

That the use of Your account is personal and nontransferable. That You will protect your Login information (username and password), to prevent anyone else from using your credentials, personal information and accessing any of your licenses. Any activity related to Your account will be attributed to You. If You think that any third party has accessed your account, please inform us immediately by email at:

Title, copyright, intellectual property rights, and distribution rights of any and all instruments created by Mntra, our Audio Engine, Audio effects, and Site Content remain exclusively with La Hacienda Creative Inc. – Intellectual property rights include the look and feel of the software. La Hacienda Creative provides licensing to our products (Audio Engine, Instruments, Audio Effects) but does not grant You (the User) with ownership over these products or content. 

SF(Download and use of products)

This agreement constitutes a license for use only and is not in any way a transfer of ownership rights of any of our instruments, sounds, or tools. Our instruments and tools may not be modified, reverse-engineered, hack, or de-compiled in any manner through current or future available technologies.

Failure to comply with any of the terms under the Licence section will be considered a material breach of this agreement. Our instruments and sounds are licensed, not sold to you.

Copyright – Resale

This license is personal and non-transferrable. As an owner of the software the following apply: 

YOU CAN – Use our instruments and sounds in your own compositions (including library music) and/or commercial work for clients/media, without any restrictions or additional fees; install our software instruments and sounds on multiple machines, as long as you are the person who is using the library and you are not sharing your license with others. 

YOU CAN’T – Make copies of our instruments and samples, as a whole or in part, with the intent to re-distribute, sell or give them away – this includes making available any of the content on a network, e.g. through internet file-sharing services; re-use or re-package any of our instruments and/or sound content in another virtual instrument or sample library. You are not authorised to resell any of our products, its entirety or parts. You are not authorised to transfer any product or part of the product to a third-party. You are not authorized, and can’t use any of the audio in our products to do AI training or machine learning.


‍Prices are published on our Website, and through our third-party distributors or marketing partners, These are subject to change without any prior notification to the User. If there is any associated Tax with the purchase, the amount will be explicitly shown in the purchase order. Payment for order and products, will be done online with credit or debit cards, online paying systems or bank transfers, therefore, You guarantee the availability of the funds through your selected mode of payment. If the payment is not authorised through your banking system or method, We do not guarantee the delivery of the product, and your order will be cancelled. By making any purchase, You ensure that You are using your own banking or payment information, and that You have the authorization to do so. 

By signing this Agreement, You are aware that refunds are not available for purchases of this kind once the download of the product has taken place. For that reason, any refund will be evaluated and a final decision will be made by Us according to this Agreement. 

If there is any content ownership doubt or complaint, please contact us at


Using this product and any supplied software is at the licensee’s own risk. MNTRA holds no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss arising from any form of use of this product. User will hold MNTRA harmless. This agreement will be terminated if there is any breach without any previous notice. MNTRA will only be liable to the User by the amount paid for the product at the maximum. MNTRA will not be liable for situations that are outside of a regular and reasonable control. This is the only agreement and no other documentation or understanding will replace its validity. This agreement will be updated regularly and posted on our website and our products; the User will still abide by this Agreement. 

If a waiver for a part of this Agreement exists or in case one of the parts is deemed illegal, the rest will still be enforced and valid. 

Law and Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions shall be governed according to the laws of the Province of Quebec, Canada.


The act of installing within your computer system implies that you agree to the above terms and conditions. The user is responsible for any legal issues related to copyright infringement.  


Only legitimate email addresses and services are allowed to register an account for usage within our site and MNDALA itself, MNTRA reserves the right to ban or delete users that use any deemed unsafe or ‘burner’ domain addresses. Any user that attempts this forfeits the right to own any and all MNTRA products by default and on non-negotiable terms.


We are a small studio doing this out of passion and what we are charging is both tremendous value for the dollar as well as our means to be able to keep creating beautiful and inspiring sounds for all of you to create with, so your support is both appreciated and essential to our existence.

Notwithstanding, please be aware that all our instruments and sounds get individually watermarked to the purchaser when issued, so copies bearing an individual’s credentials found to be illegally distributed will bear the full consequences of such actions.
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