Handcrafting novel tools for musicians and sound designers.

Our Story

Founded by multi-award-winning composer & sound alchemist Brian D’Oliveira, we are the tech innovation lab at La Hacienda Creative. With a focus on exploring new approaches to creating tools for music and sound design, we have achieved some groundbreaking results.

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For over a decade we have been providing original music and sound, along with advanced interactive in-engine implementation for both the AAA and Indie video-game industries.

Our dedication to developing custom in-house tools and processes has enabled us to create revolutionary work that has consistently garnered critical acclaim and awards.

Our Approach

Continuous play and the pushing of creative boundaries are foundational to our instrument creation process. Rather than trying to recreate true-to-life instruments, we choose to experiment and go off the beaten track, in search of a new kind of virtual instrument.

Inspired by the natural world and ancient knowledge from around the world, we embrace expressive (im)perfections. Performing and recording instruments using experimental methods to create sounds like you’ve never heard before.

From our bespoke extreme-quality recording method using ultrasonics, to our constant experimentation with unique workflows and sound sources, each Instrument we release is a playable manifestation of our exploratory journey.

During our sampling process, the subtleties and imperfections of live human performance are embraced and encouraged. Depending on the final intent, we will creatively post-process as little or as much as needed (sometimes beyond recognition), always making sure that the soul and character of the performance is intact once it’s been implemented as one of our expressive playable instruments.

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