MNDALA 2.2.0 Update

In order to further optimize MNDALA 2’s loading of resources we have to switch our MacOS file structure from the user Application Support directory to the global Application Support directory.

MNDALA 2 will do this quickly and automatically for you if you press the button on any instance of MNDALA 2 with all of your expansions, presets, and settings maintained. If for any reason you want to make this move yourself, please follow these instructions to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Prerequisite: MNDALA 2.2.0 (or later) installed.

  1. Navigate to /Users/username/Library/Application Support/MNTRA, where username is the name of your system user, and make a backup of the MNDALA 2 folder (copy and paste to another location such as the desktop or documents)
  2. Open the MNDALA 2 folder and copy all of the contents
  3. Navigate to /Library/Application Support/MNTRA and open the MNDALA 2 folder
  4. Paste the contents of the original MNDALA 2 folder into the new MNDALA 2 folder
  5. Restart MNDALA 2 or your DAW session to initiate the changes!

For users who have placed samples inside the Expansion folders or MNDALA:

Please be advised that we do not recommend keeping samples inside the Expansions folder. Instead we recommend a permanent location (where you won’t accidentally delete them) on an external drive or a root folder of your system. Although the samples will be successfully moved during this process (both manual and automatic) it may slow down the move time and could potentially require relinking the samples. If you have stored your samples in the Expansions folder and you find they are no longer linked, simply navigate to the settings page of MNDALA 2 with that Expansion open to relink the location.