Powerful non-linear sound design engine built for intuitive multidimensional expression and leading-edge audio quality.

Works with all VST/AU compatible DAW's

Sound Sculpture Instruments

MNDALA is built for our Sound Sculpture Instruments. Each Sound Sculpture is a varied suite of carefully curated sounds to express a cohesive artistic aesthetic and crafted to be easily combined and bent into new and surprisingly playable musical sounds. 

Our latest Sound Sculpture Instrument powered by MNDALA engine is


Irradiated Synth Textures

The Interface

Performance-Oriented Front Interface

Our custom 3-axis multidimensional pads control system replaces industry-standard knobs and sliders with an interactive interface that simplifies complex parameter manipulation that is optimized for intuitive live musical performance. Each instrument comes with its own custom scene designed to inspire and enhance the musical creative process without the need for excessive menu and knob diving.

Powerful & Intuitive Sound Sculpting

MNDALA's custom-developed engine is built for expressive non-linear musical sound design in an easy-to-use interface. At its core, its 3-axis multidimensional pad controls harness MNDALA's six samplers built around a powerful sound matrix, using game-audio-inspired RTPC’s (real-time parameter controls).  Creators can harness these features with our high-quality ultrasonic sampled instruments to rapidly and intuitively create their very own unique sound sculpture presets.

Developed over the course of two years, MNDALA is custom coded to use our extreme quality ultrasonic recorded samples at 32bit/384Khz and play at industry-leading 24bit/96Khz within all VST/AU compatible DAW's, allowing for seamless extreme pitching and manipulation of sound while retaining a resolution never before available in this form.

As the first-ever ultrasonic capable sound design engine in existence, MNDALA opens up realms of sound and possibilities that one could only imagine until very recently, prepare to be surprised and delighted by the sounds and creative possibilities you will encounter within our Sound Sculpture Instruments.

Leading-Edge Sound Quality

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You can try our FREE Sound Sculpture 'Rasa' to experience the vast possibilities MNDALA engine offers. 

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In a world where sampling keeps repeating itself, the MNTRA Sound Sculptures have been a treasure trove of originality and instant inspiration for me to dig into. Brian has one of the largest collections of unique instruments I've ever seen or heard. You won't find sounds like these, at this quality or flexibility, anywhere else.

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MNTRA stands out with their unique samples and impressive ultrasonic recording quality. If you need some fresh and unusual sounds for your compositions or want to work with an easy yet powerful user interface, then you should definitely check it out.

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I work as a producer and sound designer with various plugins and instruments. MNTRA has definitely pushed the boundaries of my creativity. Organic sounds, graphical user interface and qualitatively definitely upper class. I use MNTRA instruments for a lot of my productions

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I find all the MNTRA instruments to be organic, yet perfectly capable of blending with synths. They feel timeless to me, because I can use them in any project I work on.

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Mntra instruments are designed very carefully and are extremely creative. Their high quality sound, both wild and sophisticated, opens a new door in the composition process while the interface takes you to a new world. This is a unique and very inspirational sound design experience. I love it. 

Pulse Downloader Installation instructions

Please note that these instructions are for our paid instruments using Pulse Downloader. If you are a first-time MNTRA user and would like to try out our instruments, you can download RASA  directly from our site.

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step-by-step installation instructions 

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