Glass Verb


Lush algorithmic reverb model with a pitchshifter in the feedback loop allowing for climbing or falling tails ranging from -12st to 12st. Inspired by classic ambient hardware processor chains.

Cave Resonator


Impulse Response-based tuneable resonator for adding warm physical resonance to your source sound.

Stereo Spring


Lush stereo spring reverb sampled through the legendary ARP 2600s internal speakers.

Solar Verb


Massive ambient reverb with separate Low and Mid reverb time, blend-able distortion and random pitch fluctuation. Take your sound into the cosmos!

Metallic Verb


Gritty saturator with ringing metallic resonance. This is no ‘lush’ reverb. Take your sound to dark industrial depths.

Simple Reverb


Algorithmic reverb inspired by classic 80s hardware reverb processors. Controls for reverb size, width, and dampening.

Convolution Reverb


Give your sound depth. Choose between 9 different impulse responses that we carefully captured or created, inspired by the moons of our solar system. Adjust the pre-delay and highpass filter to suit your sound.