Ultrasonic Death Whistle

Explore the dark sounds of Aztec Death Whistles

Ultrasonic Death Whistle (UDW) was designed as an introduction to our powerful MNDALA Sound Sculpture Engine. The combination of these two open the door for unparalleled creative possibilities with our leading-edge ultrasonic quality sampling.

Performed by our Founder - Composer & Multi-instrumentalist Brian D’Oliveira, UDW offers a window into our collection of rare pre-Columbian death whistles that were found during our research and development. Some of them were even handcrafted in our studio to expand creative sound possibilities, and many of these death whistles were featured in the production of multiple Award Winning AAA Video Game soundtracks.

UDW’s video-game audio inspired interactive scene, allows for non-linear multidimensional control and patch creation for intuitive yet seamless musical expression.

Each Death Whistle is named to represent their characters. Having been sculpted by hand, their sounds are recognizably unique, each sample map representing a different Death Whistle.

Hear it in action

All demos created with UDW with some elements from Orakle, NO external sounds or processing.

Instruments featured

in this Sound Sculpture

Yuuali (Night)
Yuualtotome (NightBird)
Tlilcoatl (Viper)
Ehecatl (Wind)
Nixehua (Ghost)
Coyochoca (Coyote)
Izhuayo (Forest)
Ixpoctic (Vision)
Cuaxicalli (Skull)
Ozomatl (Monkey)
Tecuyoa (Howl)
Huentlalia (Altar)
Tzatzilla (Warcry)
→ Recorded at leading-edge 32-bit 384khz resolution extending into the ultrasonic range using bespoke gear & workflow.

→ Industry-leading, CPU-friendly playback resolution at 24-bit 96khz using our custom coded MNDALA audio engine, optimized to harness our ultrasonic quality recordings.

→ VST / AU plugin for Windows & Mac OS (10.11+) Including M1 Silicon Chip support.

→ Plugin app and samples watermarked to you.

→ Easy downloads and updates via Pulse Downloader.

→ 4GB installed, 10GB required for setup.

→ Minimum 8GB of RAM and an i5 or better CPU required.

→ Our custom plugin supports all VST/AU compatible DAW’s including: Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase/Nuendo, Reaper, Studio One, Bitwig, FL Studio, Reaper etc. Mac versions are 64-bit only.

Technical Specifications

All of our Sound Sculpture instruments are loaded with our free Mndala Engine, allowing you to quickly switch between many different sonic landscapes.

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