Rasa hints at the vast creative possibilities that our unique Sound Sculpture Instruments have to offer.

Drawing from four of Mntra's Sound Sculpture Instruments,  Rasa features four of our sample maps: the large Tibetan Horn (Orakle), the Morin khuur (Arca), Pitched Volcanic Rocks (Atma), and our "Viper" Death Whistle (UDW)

Rasa includes 14 expertly curated presets to get you started on the powerful sound sculpting possibilities of our MNDALA engine.

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All of our Sound Sculpture instruments are loaded with our free MNDALA Engine, make sure to download it as well in order to use Rasa.

*There are currently some known compatibility issues with Ableton Live 11, we are in the process of fixing this, but for the time being all of our apps work in Ableton Live 10.