Orakle X

Dark Sounds Suite Expanded

'This is your sonic playground'

Orakle X expands on our original Orakle Sound Sculpture Instrument. For an affordable, condensed collection of the Orakle X sounds, check out the original, Orakle!

At the heart of Orakle X is our founder Brian D’Oliveira’s (The Witcher NOTW, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 7 + 8) vast collection of one-of-a-kind instruments, assembled during his many travels across the globe. His dedication to studying the ancient performance techniques of these unique instruments, combined with our leading-edge ultrasonic sampling workflow, allows them to be heard in an entirely new way. 


From aleatoric flute swarms and bombastic drums to bowed metal textures and extended Baroque cello harmonics, Orakle X gives you all the components needed to create visionary sound worlds.

Recorded with state-of-the-art equipment in our legendary RCA Victor studio in Montreal, and meticulously sampled to capture the nuanced resonances of these rare instruments, Orakle X has vast compositional and sound design applications.

This isn’t your off-the-shelf orchestral library. These sounds are dripping with personality. Our performances focused on alternative extended techniques that amplify the distinctive characteristics of the instruments. Simply hold down one note and hear the sound evolve under your finger. Recorded with sonic mangling and manipulation in mind, our powerful MNDALA Sound Design Engine allows you to shape these instruments into anything you can imagine. Transform a beautiful quena flute into a speaker-rattling industrial drone. Warp our harmonically rich treble gamba strings into an otherworldly ambient pad. This is your sonic playground.

To get you started, our team of sound designers has created a bank of over 40 expertly crafted presets. Utilizing the full power of our 3-axis RTPCs (Real-Time Parameter Controls), our interactive animated Perform View interface allows you to easily explore these complex presets. Simply map your favourite MIDI controller to the XYZ performance macros and follow this inspiring collection of dynamic sounds wherever they take you. 

Sound Sculpture Series

All of our Sound Sculpture instruments are loaded with our free MNDALA Engine, allowing you to quickly switch between many different sonic landscapes. Simply get it for free from our store and load in any Sound Sculpture instrument.

→ Recorded at leading-edge 32-bit 384khz resolution
→ Extreme resolution CPU efficient in-DAW playback & blazingly fast preset loading 
→ VST / AU plugin for Windows & Mac OS (10.11+) Including M1 Chip
→ Plugin app and samples watermarked to you
→ Easy downloads and updates via Pulse Downloader
→ 18.5 GB installed, 22 GB required for setup
→ Minimum 8GB of RAM and an i5 or better CPU required
→ Supported by all VST/AU compatible DAW’s


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Dark Sounds Suite Expanded

Orakle X is our largest Sound Sculpture Instrument yet, offering everything you need to make modern cinematic music inspired by ancient sounds. Informed by our passion for international instruments and techniques, Orakle X transcends place and time. Orakle X includes experimental string articulations, thunderous horns, flute clusters, overtone singing, a massive array of unique percussion, and so much more. 


Orakle X expands on our original Orakle Sound Sculpture Instrument. For an affordable, condensed collection of the Orakle X sounds, check out the original, Orakle!

Orakle X   

$120 $60

* All tracks created purely using Orakle/Orakle X

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creation approach

Continuous play and pushing creative boundaries is our foundational mindset when creating our instruments. Rather than trying to recreate true-to-life instruments, we choose to experiment and not follow the usual path.

Inspired by nature and ancient knowledge, we embrace expressive (im)perfections, perform and capture using experimental methods to create instruments and sounds that are beyond the imagined.


From using bespoke extreme-quality recording using methods such as ultrasonics, to experimenting with unique workflows and sound sources that are constantly in a state of re-invention, each Sound Sculpture Instrument is a playable form of our exploratory journeys.


While sampling, the subtleties and imperfections of live human performance are embraced and encouraged. Depending on the final intent, we will creatively post-process as little or as much as needed (sometimes beyond recognition), but always making sure that the soul and character of the performances are fully transmuted once it's been implemented as one of our expressive playable instruments.


If this approach is something you feel is close to your heart, go ahead and explore our catalogue!