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A NEW AGE OF REVERB Coming later this year.

Sound Examples

Press Play and use the Dry/Living Sky buttons to demo the effects of Living Sky and hear the track come to life.

"Dry" is the standard stereo version and "Living Sky" is a binaurally decoded render mixed with Living Sky.

Please listen with headphones to best experience the binaural spatialization.

Indian Cello + Voice

What is it?

MNTRA, GPU Audio, and Outer Echo proudly announce their brand new partnership with ‘Living Sky’ – a stunning spatial reverb plugin set to redefine three-dimensional spatial audio production

Living Sky is a limitless universe of living acoustic spaces that expands the capacity to effect and transform sound into the realms of your imagination. Within it acoustic sources become transformable spatial sound instruments that allow creators to bring their visions to life.

While some reverb plugins allow for simple motion within a space, Living Sky brings motion to the space itself – creating dynamic and expressive spatial processing  that expands and transforms organically.

What are the specs?

  • High project sample rate support (up to 192 kHz)
  • Up to 64 inputs/outputs
  • Extended-range ultrasonic resolution
  • Three-dimensional performable interface
  • Up to 5th-order Ambisonics resolution
  • Up to 15 simultaneous, dynamically-modulated reverb spaces
  • Hundreds of simultaneous convolution channels (powered by GPU)

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