Extended. Range. Audio.

The future of sampling.

Unlock unparalleled sonic fidelity with our cutting-edge recording technology, elevating your music production to new heights. Experience the transformative power of recording sampled instruments at 384kHz Extended Range Audio, a remarkable leap beyond the industry-standard 48kHz audio. Immerse yourself in a realm where every nuance and detail are captured with pristine clarity, allowing for unparalleled realism and depth in your compositions. When pitching audio down, our revolutionary approach ensures that you won’t sacrifice high-end definition. Embrace a world of sonic possibilities, where the subtleties of your instruments shine through, even in the most intricate and complex arrangements. Redefine your creative boundaries and embrace the future of audio production with our 384kHz Extended Range Resolution recording technology.

Standard Resolution (48kHz)

Standard Resolution (48kHz) - 4x Stretch

E.R.A (384kHz)

E.R.A (384kHz) - 4x Stretch

Uncover hidden resonances.

Dive into a realm of sonic exploration like never before with our Extended Range Audio technology. Uncover hidden resonances as you pitch down familiar sounds, revealing an extraordinary world of previously hidden frequencies. Imagine a chorus of frogs or the haunting resonance of bowed metal, now unveiled in rich detail and depth. Beyond the limits of human hearing, our innovative technology brings to life frequencies that were once elusive, expanding the auditory landscape and redefining what’s possible in sound design. Step into the uncharted territory of sonic discovery and let your creativity soar as you reveal the hidden gems within your audio canvas with Extended Range Audio.

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