Everything Bundle

Get every instrument in our catalogue for a highly reduced price. Included are all the tools you need to make breathtaking cinematic music.

$463 → $180


Irradiated Synth Textures.

$29 -> $14.50


Dark Sound Effects Redefined.

$49 -> $24.50

Orakle X

Dark Sounds Suite Expanded.

$120 -> $60



Strings Suite. 

$80 -> $40


An otherworldly portal into Ultrasonic sound healing.

$80 -> $40


Explore the dark sounds of Aztec Death Whistles.

$25 -> $12.50


Ancient Dark Sounds Suite.

$80 -> $40

Quotation mark

I own every MNTRA instrument and I can honestly say they’re all pushing a limit and filling a niche I didn’t even know was there. Between Underoath and film scoring, I’ve used UDW, ARCA, ATMA, or ORAKLE in literally every project I’ve worked on since I discovered MNTRA.

All of our Sound Sculpture instruments are loaded with our free MNDALA Engine, allowing you to quickly switch between many different sonic landscapes. Simply download it for free and load in any Sound Sculpture Instrument.