Metallic Verb

Gritty saturator with ringing metallic resonance. This is no ‘lush’ reverb. Take your sound to dark industrial depths.

Harmonic Tremolo

Harmonic tremolo (working independently on the highs and lows) inspired by Leslie rotating speaker cabinets.

Auto Panner

Rhythmic stereo panning with sine, triangle, saw, and square modulation shapes. Add movement to your sound.

Simple Gain

Utility gain control with -100 / +24db of gain on tap.


Flexible digital distortion with controls for distortion amount, post filtering, and a toggle for additional bitcrushing.


Bitcrusher with bit-depth and post filtering controls. Destroy your sound, the digital way.

Simple Reverb

Algorithmic reverb inspired by classic 80s hardware reverb processors. Controls for reverb size, width, and dampening.

Convolution Reverb

Give your sound depth. Choose between 9 different impulse responses that we carefully captured or created, inspired by the moons of our solar system. Adjust the pre-delay and highpass filter to suit your sound.


Slice and dice your sound with Tremolo. Free or tempo-synced rate, depth, and waveform controls.


Two pole analog-style Phasing with controls for rate (w/ tempo syncing), depth, feedback, and waveform (sine or triangle). Get psyched!


Analog-style chorusing inspired by the coveted, blue, Japanese chorus pedal that defined an era. Controls for rate, depth, and feedback.

Lowpass Filter

Resonant lowpass filter with controls for frequency and resonance. Perfect for removing high harmonics from the source to create a more mellow sound.

Ladder Filter

Inspired by the mother of all analog filters, the Moog ladder filter. Frequency and resonance controls, as well as adjustable filter poles between 1/2/4.

Highpass Filter

Resonant highpass filter with frequency and resonance controls. Useful for removing unwanted low end, or emphasizing the fundamental.

Bandpass Filter

Resonant bandpass filter with frequency and resonance controls. Useful for isolating a specific spectral part of a sound.

EQ 6 Band

6 band graphic equalizer inspired by the classic 1960s API 560 EQ. Equally useful for subtle tonal shaping or drastic sculpting.

Simple Delay

Clean and pristine modern, tempo-syncable delay with time, feedback, and tempo-sync parameters.

LoFi Delay

A tempo syncable delay inspired by analog bucket-brigade based delay pedals with adjustable “Age” parameter for dynamically controlling the filtering, saturation, and pitch modulation.