Empower Your Passion for Music and Earn Along the Way

Discover Incredible Instruments for Your Audience


Powered by our acoustic synthesis engine MNDALA 2, our instruments go beyond conventional sound libraries, crafted into living instruments that move and resonate with sound.


Save big by getting everything we've made together! Included is everything you need to make cutting-edge scores and productions.


Our new series of location-based playable sound journeys. Delve into these detailed musical soundscapes from around the world and ignite your music with new textures and inspiration.

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through my affiliate link

Earn $198 for each sale of our Core Bundle

The Core Bundle contains all of our instruments. 

There is an incredible amount of music here!

Earn up to $28 per each instrument sold

Living instruments that move and resonate,

our instruments go beyond conventional sound libraries.


Let’s put it in context: Promoting the sale of 30 copies of Orakle X,

our instrument of the ancient voice of the earth, you could earn $834!

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You will earn 20% commission on purchases made through your referral link.

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Virtual Instruments and Sound effects should be used by anyone who needs them. Content creators to film makers can take advantage of MNTRA products to streamline the process of sound designing.

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