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We built our sound sculpture engine MNDALA from the ground up with this philosophy in mind;

a powerful non-linear sound design engine built for intuitive musical expression, with innovative audio capabilities using cutting-edge ultrasonic sampling technologies.

Sharing our experience & research

Created for real-world demands by our passionate team, our virtual instruments are built on decades of R&D and collecting rare instruments and sounds from across the globe.

Our Story

Founded by multi-award-winning Composer & Sound Alchemist Brian D'Oliveira, we are a sound creation studio with a focus on exploring new realms of music composition and musical sound design to achieve incredible results.

For over a decade we have been providing original music and sound, combined with advanced in-engine interactive implementation for the AAA and indie video-game industries. Our dedication to the in-house development of unique custom tools and processes, both artistically and technologically, has enabled us to create works that have consistently garnered critical acclaim and awards.

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