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Mntra is the new development division of 

We created MNTRA as the vehicle to share our passion and combined decades of artistic and technological knowledge with the music & sound community.

Our mission is to create intuitive multidimensional musical instruments and audio tools optimized for creativity and musical expression.

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About Us

Founded by multi award-winning Composer & Sound Alchemist Brian D'Oliveira, we are a sound creation studio with a focus on exploring new realms of music composition and musical sound design to achieve incredible results.

For over a decade we have been providing original music and sound, combined with advanced in-engine interactive implementation for the AAA and indie video-game industries. Our dedication to the in-house development of unique custom tools and processes, both artistically and technologically, has enabled us to create works that have consistently garnered critical acclaim and awards.

Inspired by our knowledge and experience gained through the creation of interactive music and sound for the video game industry, MNTRA was founded to bring to life our vision of what virtual instruments could be in the coming years. We are just scratching the surface of what is possible and cannot wait to share what we have in our development pipeline in the months to come.

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