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Our Musical Instruments

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We craft multidimensional instruments & sounds for composers and sound designers


A new approach to virtual musical instruments, expressive Sound Sculptures offering unique creative possibilities never before possible within your DAW.

Unique sound worlds

within your DAW

developed for real-world demands 

Our Instruments


Interdimensional Strings Suite. 


An otherworldly portal into Ultrasonic sound healing.


A free gateway into our Sound Sculpture Series. 


Ancient Dark Sounds Suite.


A free gateway into our Sound Sculpture Series. 

Sound Sculpture Series

Delve into our ever-expanding range of multidimensional instruments.

RasaA free gateway into our Sound Sculpture Series

Our instruments work exclusively using our free MNDALA engine plugin, running an all VST/AU compatible DAW's on MAC & PC, no third-party apps such as Kontakt is required.

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Brian and the MNTRA team have created truly unique instruments. The recording quality, the musicality of the samples, ease of use of the plug-in, everything is top-notch. I value quality over quantity in sounds, and every patch in MNDALA has it to stand front and center.
I tremendously look forward to their future releases!

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In a sea of virtual instruments and sound libraries MNTRA's Instruments really stand out as creative and inspirational tools. The instruments sound fantastic and the innovative interface will help you break through even the most stubborn writer's block. There's really nothing else like it.

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I own every MNTRA instrument and I can honestly say they’re all pushing a limit and filling a niche I didn’t even know was there. Between Underoath and film scoring, I’ve used UDW, ARCA, ATMA, or ORAKLE in literally every project I’ve worked on since I discovered MNTRA.